Case Study: BORA


BORA needed a high-quality experience for their customers, that matches their high-quality products.


A mobile app for phones and tablets, both iOS and Android, was created. This allows the customer to experience the products in a more relaxed environment instead of solely at their desks.

We achieved the main goal to highlight the benefits and feeling of the high-quality products by focusing delightful imagery instead of pure information.

Further this app enables customers to dive deeper into product specifications and details if he wants to.


By creating this experience, the awareness and value of the BORA brand increased.

Case Study: VINUBIS


Non-professionals should be able to edit & style videos with the corporate design of their company.

We looked at the usual process and researched why our target user is not able to perform a task like this:

  • The whole process feels intimidating and overwhelming for the user
  • The user thinks the required hard skills are too complex

Splitting the whole video editing process into 5 essential tasks and take the user by the hand.

We guided our user and streamlined the process to let the user focus on necessary decisions to avoid mistakes.

We also gave the user incentives to learn more to enable them to create even better results themselves.


After listen carefully & figuring out what the user needs and is able to do, we invented not even a software to create videos, we also provided an environment for the user to make their task joyful and rewarding.

Case Study: DesignBib


Designer colleagues were unsatisfied with the delivery process of sending the created design files likes logos to their client. They either sent it via a .zip file for example and hoping their client is able to organize and distributing these files themselves accordingly, or they managed a cloud storage folder and shared them with the client.

But most of the clients didn’t know how to organize their corporate design files on their on. Basic file systems don’t always work, because not everybody in a company has access to a central server, where the files are stored.

Common cloud storages are also not suited for this task, because the user is not satisfied with the usability of these tools.


After working together with solution seekers and their clients, an easy to use independent webapp was realized. It really focuses on the specific needs and tasks of both parties, designers and their clients.

Instead of relying on a standard file service look and process, we created a new visual experience that got rid of complexity. By focusing completely on user needs, we created a way more visually compelling experience, which allowed users to get the task done quick and effortless.

I implemented the ability for designers to individualize this app for every client, so the designer adds additional value to his work and provided service.


By creating a more optimized solution, we eliminated a troubling pain point of the communication and delivery process between designers and their clients.

Case Study: Banking CRM


Relationship managers of a bank need a less time-consuming way to serve their customers more efficiently. The needed data is stored on different locations and makes filtering impossible.


After analyzing the existing process the reals needs were identified. In collaboration with the user, a concept was developed. The main need was to get a clear overview and filter data as needed in real-world scenarios.

Most important data was implemented in a clear structured overview. A system to filter the general overview by labels/ tags (as in Apple Mail for example) allows relationship managers to easily and intuitive adjust the system to their particular needs.


Having established a strong concept, a working prototype in a productive environment is needed as proof of concept.